Certified Civil

This certification recognizes and validates the commitment to civil behavior and communication by individuals, organizations, and groups.

When you proudly display the Certified Civil seal, others will have confidence that their relationship with you and/or your organization will be civil and respectful. In this way, you demonstrate a commitment to change current norms, which are too often infected with hostility and a lack of consideration, to an atmosphere that encourages mutual respect and cooperation.

Show Your Commitment


The Certified Civil designation shows the world that you are committed to practicing civility in society. When the logo is proudly displayed, everyone with whom you engage can be confident that their relationship with you and/or your organization will be civil and respectful. It will also demonstrate your commitment to change the current norms, which are too often infected with hostility, into an atmosphere that encourages mutual respect and cooperation.



When displaying the seal on your website, social media, email signature, or even your door, it presents a reputation of integrity to the public. The seal is also a pledge of respectful treatment for all.

Raised Standards

Every member certified as civil adds their name, voice and support to a cultural demand for higher standards. Only when enough people come together under an idea can we tip the scales and change culture.

Preferred Community

Certified organizations, businesses, and individuals are included in our directory, which can be a great source for business and collaboration from individuals seeking to support shared values.

Who can earn the certification?

The Certified Civil designation is awarded to individuals, businesses, organizations, publications, websites, and social media sites who strive to improve society by fostering civility and civil dialogue in their presentation, actions, and communication.

Certification Process

Certification requires an application, payment of appropriate fee, and completing a vetting process.

As with any respected emblem, the Certified Civil designation must be earned and maintained.

Get Certified

After submitting an application and paying the non-refundable application fee, a representative of the Worldwide Civility Council will review your practices, public content, and reviews. This process will take up to 14 days. If approved, you will receive a digital certification packet from our team. This packet will contain all you need to incorporate and proudly display your certification.

Have a Civility Concern?

If a civility concern is lodged, the licensee will receive notification and be afforded an opportunity to correct it. Our objective is to help the licensee make appropriate modifications to ensure sufficient civility rather than revoke the certification. If a satisfactory solution can’t be reached, the certification may be revoked.

Certification Pledge

Advocate for Dignity

Provide and maintain an atmosphere of dignity and respect in dealings with others.

Listen to Understand

Listen to understand and create an environment where constructive dialogues are possible.

Speak Respectfully

Commit as an organization to speak to all people in a manner that reflects respect and civility.

Publish Civil

Ensure that all posted/published content is in keeping with the defined civility standards.

Promote Certified Civil

Display your Certified Civil logo and certification, and promote Certified Civil™ as a respected authority on civility.

Maintain Certification

Renew your certification every other year. If a Civility Concern is lodged, you will receive notification and have an opportunity to correct it.